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memdeck revelations

MEMDECK Revelations

I think it behooves anyone who holds an opinion (especially someone who publishes his or her opinions) to periodically revisit that point of view and reevaluate it. Times change, people change, and opinions change. After critical reexamination and reflection of something I’ve published, I see no dishonor in saying, “You know; I didn’t get that quite right.”

Earlier this year I completed work on The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two; consequently, the concepts of Action, Chaos, and Repose have been on my mind. I also revised and updated Closely Guarded Secrets. As I looked at The Luckiest Cards in Las Vegas (a memorized-deck routine), I realized the method for handling a memdeck I have espoused for years is not optimal. “Jazzing,” the term I coined twenty-two years ago in Workers 5 is inaccurate and misleading. In fact, many of the technical aspects of memdeck work I put forth in Workers 5 and subsequent books are simply incorrect in light of the guiding principles of Action, Repose, and Chaos.

Fortunately, I’m still on the planet; I have the opportunity to explain where I went wrong. Best of all, I can offer you ways of handling a memdeck that are far more effective and deceptive than anything I have seen in print. These techniques are especially useful when “improvising” with a memdeck.

I’m delighted with the discoveries I’ve made. I think you will be, too. Look for this new project at the end of July.

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