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Private Lessons with Michael Close

8 reviews

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Michael Close is available for private lessons/consultation via Zoom. These private sessions have proven invaluable to magicians around the world. Possible session topics:

  • Help with sleights and technique
  • Help finding effects
  • Help with developing presentations
  • Polishing your existing routines
  • Help creating a set or an act

We can discuss close-up, parlor, or stage magic.

There is no long-term commitment and we can arrange times to fit your schedule. Purchase your lesson and we will get in touch with you right away to set you up with a time that works for you.


"The lessons are very effective, offer tremendous value, and were a real game-changer for my magic." —Kevin O.

"Overall, I highly recommend the private sessions with Michael. My progress over three months seems crazy..." —Justin R.

"A private lesson with Michael Close will take you to the next level. A private lesson with Michael Close is your secret weapon and a 'must-have' for both the professional and the hobbyist." —Dale M.

"Private lessons with Michael Close are, without a doubt, the best investment I have ever made when it comes to my magic." —Sebastian B.

"Arguably the best 'bang for the buck' in magic today." —Adam C.

"I can’t think of a better way to improve your magic than to have a private coaching session with Michael Close." —Bill G.

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Kevin O.
United States United States

Next Level Magical Artistry….

Personally, I am thrilled and extremely fortunate to be taking private lessons from Michael Close. The lessons are very effective, offer tremendous value and are a real game changer for my magic. A few thoughts about why Michael is an excellent choice for Private Lessons: 1. He commands decades worth of real world, high caliber professional performing experience and knowledge as both a magician and musician. 2. Michael is a leading magic originator, author, editor, and reviewer who is an expert at refining magical effects and performances to make them as strong and magical as possible. 3. He is a working, world class magic consultant for some of the world’s top magicians and movie/television productions. 4. Michael adapts his guidance and advice to the real world specific needs and focus of each individual student. 5. He is approachable and has the ability to help refine each performance or effect from the perspective of the audience and camera as well as being adept at doing it virtually. One quick, personal example is Michael provides me unique customization in our sessions to adjust for my left hand dominance. Michael Close Private Lessons receive my highest personal recommendation especially for someone who desires to work with one of the world’s top magical thinkers to evolve their magical artistry.

Justin R.
United States United States

The Best Online Learning Experience

I started weekly lessons with Michael three months ago. We record every session and I just reviewed all my recordings so I could index what we've covered so far, which is what inspired me to write this review. I discovered Michael Close after his name was referred to me by a number of magicians online. I was a total novice, except for having memorized a deck of cards. I was so green that I didn't realize as I learned the deck that it was used for magic. Yes, that green. How much did I know about Michael? as I build my modest collection of books on card magic I was constantly surprised to find that he is mentioned with great respect in all of them. 1. Michael knows how to teach, and teach incredibly well. In all disciplines there are lots of highly skilled and talented people who offer lessons. There are very few who also have a talent for teaching others. As a novice Michael has walked me through things from basic grips to more complex sleights. He has a natural ability to break down the key aspects of a thing and then adding additional layers and complexities once the foundations are laid. Having someone who can immediately tell me when my technique is off and correct it has helped ensure that I haven't wasted time learning bad habits that are incredibly hard to unlearn later. 2. Each lesson is usually based around a technique and a trick that utilizes it, which means there's always great motivation to practice. 2. He's a great coach, always supportive and patient. If I find certain techniques and skills to be challenging - which I often did at the beginning (we can safely say that I am not a natural), he always has helpful suggestions or simplifications of the method to help me get the foundational skills under my fingers before executing the technique correctly. 3. Breadth and depth of expertise; Michael often demonstrates several different methods to achieve the same effect and discusses their strengths, weaknesses, additional subtleties so I have a solid understanding of why we are doing something a certain way, and how I could achieve it under different conditions. 4. Creativity and invention. Lessons flow like as a natural conversation within the structure of what's being taught. Some of my favorite moments are discussions of theory or technique that then lead Michael to demonstrate another refinement or creative twist as it occurs to him. Overall, I highly recommend the private sessions with Michael. My progress over three months seems crazy after looking back over the lessons. I couldn't riffle shuffle when I started. Today I am able to perform passable passes and not-terrible double-lifts and have more than a handful of sleights and tricks under my belt.

A Customer
Dale M.
United States United States

Private Lessons with Michael Close - A "Must Have" for both the professional and the hobbyist

A Private Lesson with Michael Close is the best value you can add for real-world "worker" instruction. If you are interested in taking your book and video instruction to the next level through performance, a Private Lesson or two with Michael Close will move you miles ahead of the pack. Even if you aren't yet interested in performing and want to refine your art, presentation, sleights, or communication skills you will learn more in one hour with Michael Close one-one than years of watching videos and books alone. A Private Lesson with Michael Close will start exactly where you are in your progress and refine your existing knowledge, skills, and abilities. A Private Lesson with Michael Close will take you to the next level. A Private Lesson with Michael Close is your secret weapon and a "Must Have" for both the professional and the hobbyist.

Sebastian B.
Sweden Sweden


Private lessons with Michael Close is, without a doubt the best investment i have ever made when it comes to my magic. Even if you consider your self an accomplished magician you will without a doubt benefit from lessons with Mr Close. Having someone of Michael Close´s caliber critique your magic is something that you will definitely benefit and more importantly learn from. Private lessons with Michael Close is highly recommended.

United States United States

Incredible Value!

I just watched the recording from this private Zoom session with Michael. Such an incredible value. Arguably the best "bang for the book" in magic today. I have been performing full-time for 30 years now. I was blown away by how much Michael taught me--and all that we covered in an hour! Thank you. ~Adam Christing


Thanks for the kind words, Adam. I'm happy the session was of value to you. - Michael