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So Mike, what's in it for me?

I’d like to take a quick moment to break down what you get with one of our workshop/retreats compared to attending a standard magic convention. Once you understand exactly what you’ll get from our workshop, you’ll find this to be an experience whose value is way beyond the actual cost.

Current Magic Conventions

  • Anywhere from 200 to 3,000 registrants
  • Registrations fees from $200 to $500 (or more)
  • Lodging, food, and drink are not included (at the recent IBM/SAM convention, my hotel room costs were $800 for five days; food and drink can easily run to $100 a day – total food and lodging cost $1,300)
  • If there are small-group workshops (with perhaps as many as twenty-five people), they are extra-charge events (at a substantial cost)
  • You compete with all the other registrants for face-time with the hired experts
  • There is little or no one-on-one training offered

At Our Workshop/Retreats

  • Your registration covers your stay at the lodge in northern Ontario
  • Your registration covers all your food and drink while at the lodge
  • Because we have limited the attendance to ten people, you will have hands-on instruction comparable to private lessons
  • The magic talk goes on all day – from breakfast to the wee hours of the morning
  • If you have a routine you would like critiqued (in the same manner as a Fool Us act), you will get feedback from Michael Close and our guest presenter (comparable help from a director or a coach would cost you hundreds of dollars)
  • You dictate any specific topics you’d like to cover – we’ll make sure we cover that information
  • The grounds of the lodge provide beautiful surroundings for contemplation and relaxation
  • The cost of private instruction comparable to what you will receive at the workshop/retreat would cost you thousands of dollars (assuming you could find an expert instructor)

You don’t have to be an advanced practitioner to benefit from our workshop/retreats. You only need the desire to be a better magician. You’ll relax, you’ll laugh, you’ll have fun, and you’ll learn more than you ever thought possible. These workshops are unique opportunities. They will speed your progress in magic and, in the long run, will save you time and money.

Hope you'll join us in The Great White North. – Michael Close

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