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Thoughts on Magic Conventions

These days, there are many magic conventions vying for your dollars. Many are large-scale affairs, with attendance ranging from five-hundred to sixteen-hundred magicians. You go, you sit and watch a close-up show projected on a big screen, you buy an expensive trick that ends up at the bottom of your magic drawer, and you never have the opportunity to talk to (much less spend time with) the magicians you could learn from.

While I have attended my share of big conventions, my preference now is for smaller gatherings. In Canada, two gatherings have been particularly impactful. The first is a small, invitation-only gathering in Toronto. Thirty-one magicians perform, share information, and socialize over a weekend. There are scheduled events, but there is also time to just talk.

The other gathering is the Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp, which came to a close last year on its twentieth anniversary. Three things made camp special for me. 1. Being in nature (this was a real camp), away from the physical and mental noise of everyday life, allowed for a recharging of batteries and a cleansing of the mind. 2. The counsellors and invited guests were always accessible to the campers. You couldn’t lecture and then hide in your hotel room until the convention was over. (And believe me, at the large conventions a lot of well-known magicians do just that.) 3. There was substantial small-group and individual interaction. The campers left with their brains filled to capacity.

I decided I wanted to provide that same experience: a quiet venue in a natural environment; a small group of attendees to ensure personalized interaction; and teachers who could offer expert training and coaching.

That was my goal. And guess is happening!

Lisa found a luxurious lodge out in nature, a few hours north of Toronto (Owen Sound, ON), and I invited my old friend (and living legend) Johnny Thompson to join me on May 5-7, 2017, as co-presenter in a weekend of performing, teaching, coaching, mentoring, and sharing great stories.

Unfortunately all the spots have been reserved. If you would like to be notified in case of a cancellation, please join the waiting list here.

Michael Close

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