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turn your book, notes or manuscript into ebook

Turn your Manuscript, Book, or Lecture Notes into an Ebook

For almost twenty years, Lisa and I have released material in an electronic format. Our first attempt, Learn the In-the-hands Faro Shuffle, was a simple menu-based program with text, photographs, and videos; it was released in 2001 on a CD-ROM (anybody remember those?).

In 2006, we released Closely Guarded Secrets as a PDF file with embedded video. With each subsequent release, we have pushed the envelope in regard to form and functionality. With our current publications (The Paradigm Shift Volumes One and Two and The Road to Riffsville), we now include an EPUB file, which allows the ebooks to be comfortably read on an iPad or an Android tablet. This now combines the experience of reading a tree-based book with the tremendous value of having supplemental video instantly available.

No one else in magic is producing content at this level. We are convinced it is the most effective training method, second only to personal instruction.

And now, we’d like to share our expertise with you.

If you have a manuscript, book, or lecture notes and you would like to have them published in an electronic format, please contact Lisa at We’ll be happy to explain the process and the deal we offer.

This is the future of magic publishing. Hop on board now.

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