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David Regal's Color Changing Knives

David Regal's Color Changing Knives

Review by Michael Close

The Color-changing Knives effect goes back almost ninety years, to Ralph Hull’s effect, The Juggling Knives, marketed in 1935. Both Ascanio and Tamariz have published extensive examinations of this effect. Many routines are available. (Doug Conn has a particularly good one.) Magicians who enjoy this effect are always on the lookout for the best knives available. With the release of David Regal’s Color-changing Knives, that search may be over.

You receive a set of four custom-made knives: a genuine black-stag knife, a genuine mother-of-pearl knife, a black/white knife, and a knife that shows black on one side and a Swiss Army knife on the other side. These are not repurposed knives; they were designed from the ground up. The blades are polished, but are not sharp. The size and shape are perfect, and they handle beautifully.

In addition to the knives, David offers an online tutorial for those of you who have never performed a Color-changing Knives routine.

These knives have received raves from pros. I have never used the effect professionally, but these knives have made me reevaluate that decision. David Regal’s Color-changing Knives are beautifully designed, handle like a dream, and are worth every penny. I highly recommend them.

Available from: $125.00 USD

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