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Michael Close - Private Lessons

We currently offer two consultation options, each designed to meet your individual requirements.

1-Hour Private Consultation: This option is ideal for enthusiasts and professionals alike. In these sessions we can discuss and analyze routines in your repertoire, refine your technical skills, and provide guidance to help you utilize your available magic-related time in the most effective way possible. (Save some money by choosing a package of 4, 8, or 12 lessons.)

15-Min Quick Consult: Do you have a burning magic question or a specific problem needing immediate attention? Michael’s Fifteen-minute Quick Consult will provide you with expert, impactful advice. (If I can’t help you, your session is free.)

After choosing a service you can pick the date and time (in your own time zone) that works best for you! Don't worry, we can always reschedule if needed, but it's a great idea to claim your spot early. If you choose a package, pick your first lesson.

(IMPORTANT: When booking a session you will need to create a new student booking account, this is NOT your login.)