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The PM Card Mark System - Ebook by Pete McCabe

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A marked deck can be a potent tool for magicians of all skills levels. Avoid the expense of purchasing a commercially printed marked deck and make your own using Pete McCabe's PM Card Mark System. 

Pete McCabe is the author of the highly acclaimed Scripting Magic books. In his new ebook, The PM Card Mark System, Pete provides you with a marking method that is easy to read and easy to prepare.

Also, you’ll find twenty-eight routines designed to baffle even those familiar with the concept of a marked deck. Most of these routines involve only basic card-handling skills. The routines include either a full script or patter suggestions for turning the routine into a full-blown performance piece.

You’ll also find additional commentary and material by Michael Close.

This updated edition is provided in both EPUB (perfect for tablets) and PDF (perfect for desktops and printing) formats.

The PM Card Mark System is available for immediate download. Get yours before someone fools you with one of these great routines.