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Neoclassics Larry Jennings eBook DOWNBLOAD

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by Murphys
Three complete lessons in professional card presentation, written by Stephen Minch and illustrated by Tom Gagnon.

The three tricks that constitute this booklet are special in several ways. All three are founded upon classic plots: The Card in Orange, Spectator Finds the Aces, and Cards Across. Larry Jennings has taken these plots and embellished them in some way that harmonizes with their original premises, while enhancing the magical qualities already so strong in each. The material in these pages sums to something more than just tricks. There is genuine theater in these constructions.

There is also the exceptional craftsmanship for which Mr. Jennings was so well recognized. Moreover, within the structures of these pieces, there have been worked lessons on expert card handling and presentation that have wide utility. Should you never perform one of these tricks (an unhappy thought), you will come away nonetheless with knowledge that will improve your general performance.

These three tricks are prized possessions, tricks that Mr. Jennings held in reserve for his exclusive use. Now they are yours as well.

40 pages, illustrated.



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