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Targeted Training Videos

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Targeted Training Videos
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How Magic Theory can Improve your Performances
(An introduction to several of the most important theoretical concepts; in addition, the concepts presented can be easily applied to your existing routines.)

Demystifying The Memdeck
(An Introductory training session for those who are new to memorized deck magic.)

Memdeck: The Next Step
(For magicians who have already memorized a stack and want to expand their magic toolbox.) 

Advanced Topics on the Memorized Deck
(An examination of advanced techniques and concept to put you on the path to memdeck mastery!)

The Truth About Lying
(Magic depends on disseminating misinformation – in other words, lying. Learn to use this important tool with rapier-like precision.)

How to Design a Three-Trick Set
(Learn how to organize your magic into an effective act or “set.”)

Palming with Confidence
(This training session will provide strategies that will help you overcome your fear of palming.)