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FILLERS by Paul A. Lelekis Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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by Murphys
My kind thanks to Mike Powers for his assistance with this e-book!

These VERY important effects are the "filling" for a successful show.

Combine Paul's e-books, OPENERS & CLOSERS I, II, and III to complete your knowledge of creating a TRULY audience-pleasing show! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

In my Openers & Closers series of e-books, I explored the powerful "openers" needed to set the stage, and the "closers" needed to close your show and thrill them! between, the magic is still VERY, VERY important!

SENSE OF SMELL - A shuffled deck is magically divided into piles, one ALL RED and the other ALL BLACK...but the RED selection is found in the middle of the black pile, and the black selection is found amongst the red pile! Because of the audience participation, this is extremely baffling!

ELEVATOR - A really fun effect with terrific patter and some very clever news ideas to make the Ace thru 4 of Diamonds (who are hang-gliders) continue to frustrate Hotel Security by their daring escapes...only to end in a hilarious way!

This effect is such a fun-filled event - your spectators will be belly-laughing!

2-WAY MIRACLE - Here is REALLY great effect that is a DEFINITE "Magician-Fooler"!

The spectator chooses a selection and the selection is lost into the deck - THEN three unknown cards are chosen with a truly FREE selection by the spectator.

Those three cards selected are laid out on the table.

The spectator then shuffles the hold-outs, no palming cards, no nothing!

The deck is dealt out, one card at a time until the spectators says "Stop!" - no bottom deals, no second deals, no hold-outs!

That card is dealt out and PROVES to be the spectator's selection!

BUT...when the other three cards are shown...they all MATCH the selection!

Download now!