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Impostor A.C.A.A.N by Viper Magicvideo DOWNLOAD

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by Murphys
Wanna bring some fun into your Zoom performances, Impostor ACAAN will do that for you.

Please Note - This trick is perfect for Zoom performances and social media, but you can also perform it live. 


The magician takes out a box of cards and explains that there is possibly an impostor "Among Us", well not technically among us, but in the box of cards. The magician asks the spectator to call out any card. The spectator chooses the 2 of Hearts. The spectator is then told to choose a number , and he chooses 18. The magician now takes out the cards from the box , shows that all the cards have completely normal backs, and gives them a cut. Now he very fairly starts dealing cards from the top and on the 18th position, is our impostor. That is 1 blue card, in a pack of all red cards. And not only this.. The blue card is none other than the spectator's selection, the 2 of Hearts. The magician then turns the whole deck face up, and boom! To the spectator's surprise, all the cards were blank. 2 of Hearts was an impostor. Download it today!