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JUKE-BOOK by Matt Pilcher Video Download

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by Murphys
Want to be able to read minds easily!? THEN THIS IS THE TRICK FOR YOU!

Mathew Pilcher brings you a truly incredible piece of mentalism with his latest release 'JUKE-BOOK'.

Here's what happens, you hand your spectator a 'Juke-Book', on each page is a song, the artist, and the catalog number of that song (the numbers on the back or side of a CD). They can flick through the book to verify that every song, artist, and number is different on every page. Then you bring out some cards, each card has three numbers written on them, you shuffle the cards and then spread them for your spectator to take one. You ask your spectator to THINK of one of the numbers on their chosen card and to turn to that page number in the 'Juke-Book', then you ask them to concentrate on either the song, catalog number, artist, or all three (it's up to you which piece of information you want to reveal). You then write down which song they're thinking of (or the artist, or the catalog number). Everything is written down and locked in BEFORE you reveal what they were thinking.

Your spectator doesn't tell you anything, they don't tell you what page number they're thinking of, they don't tell you the song, or the artist, or the catalog number, absolutely NOTHING! ... And yet, despite them revealing nothing to you, YOU'RE able to make it appear as if you're reading their mind, and give them all the information.

There are NO stooges, NO helpers giving you information, NO electronic devices giving you information. It really is just a book, some cards, and you and your spectator.

Mind reading has never been so easy! When you mix genius with creativity you get a product as solid as this!

Mathew Pilcher has always developed strong, clever, imaginative pieces of magic and mentalism, but this could very well be his best. Layers of psychological deception fused with alternative methods to fool laymen AND magicians.