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Learn the Faro Shuffle Ebook

29 reviews
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Learn the In-The-Hands Faro Shuffle Ebook


The ability to do perfect faro shuffles is a powerful weapon in the card magician’s arsenal of sleights. It is a genuine shuffle; the cards are truly being mixed. But it is also a controlled shuffle, meaning that the resulting order of the cards is not random. For this reason, it is an excellent adjunct to memorized deck work.

Over the years, I developed an effective method for teaching the faro shuffle, which I used in personal instruction. However, the method of teaching is so clear my presence isn’t necessary; I can teach the method long distance. In 2001, Lisa and I put out our first digital version of this training.

You’ll receive detailed information on conditioning the deck, the proper grips, applying pressure, the twist, and further hints and tips. All the videos and photographs have been updated and additional text has been added.  The combination of text, photos, and video provides you with the most effective learning experience possible. Pay attention, put in some practice time, and you will soon be doing perfect faro shuffles with confidence.

We have also updated the look and functionality of the ebook. You will receive the training in two formats: a PDF file and an EPUB file. This will allow you to view the material comfortably on your desktop or laptop computer or on an iPad or an Android tablet.

This product has been highly praised for its method of training. For the first time, you’ll have all the information you need to master this most useful of sleights.

If you want to master a perfect Faro Shuffle... the Faro Shuffle ebook by Michael Close is excellent. Highly Recommended.
— Paul Gertner

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Faro Shuffle

The transaction was simple and quick. The value is very high. Mikes products are all worth way more than he charges. The level of detail in the descriptions and experiences he shares are unparalleled.

A Customer
John H.
United States United States

Thanks, John. May all your weaves be perfect. - Michael Close



Michael, I have often been a cynic when I hear or read the accolades given to various products relating to sleight of hand. Thus, with trepidation I bought your ebook on learning the faro shuffle. Finally, the accolades are well deserved. It's been less than 24 hours and I am faroing with old decks, not just new ones conditioned according to your guidelines. I have not come close to eight perfect faros in a row, but I feel well on the way. True, it is a bit pricey for 13 pages...but it is well worth the money. Congratulations, I am extremely satisfied with your instruction and impressed enough to peruse your other offerings.

Ted G.
United States United States

Faro shuffle ebook

A great way to teach the faro shuffle. Once , for me an impossible shuffle to learn, but with Michaels teaching, it’s made possible for me. He teaches the most practical, real world way of doing it.

Eamonn D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hi Eamonn. I'm delighted you were able to add the faro shuffle to your toolbox. - Michael Close


In-the-hands Faro - Michael Close Magic Downloads and eBooks

Michael and Lisa Close produce the best eBooks in any tutorial category. Blending video and lecture/instruction format will get you to the Perfect Faro in record time. I used to believe the Perfect Faro was too difficult and that I was "too old" to even give it a try - this instruction proved me wrong and after about 30 days, I can hit the Perfect Faro well enough to set an entire Juan Tamariz stack in just the way it's taught in Mnemonica. If you are interested in the Faro, perfect or not - this is the place to start. Great products, cool humans.

A Customer
Dale M.
United States United States

Best treatise on the Faro

Michael's multimedia coverage of the Faro Shuffle should get everyone weaving seamlessly in no time! I have been attempting to reliably Faro for years, but have been limited to 70-80 % rate. With Michael's insightful tips I can confidently Faro >96.34% of the time. Do not hesitate to purchase this Faro instructional PDF/EPub if you want to incorporate a Faro into your repetoire.

A Customer
Steven Z.
United States United States

Thanks for the kind words, Steve. I'm glad you found the material useful. - Michael Close