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Mystic Match by Dibya Guha video DOWNLOAD

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by Murphys

The magician brings forth his wallet & removes an envelope from it. He then hands over the spectators a red backed deck of playing cards & requests them to thoroughly mix up the cards face down, take one card from the deck & place it in the envelope, face unseen. The magician then takes the envelope & replaces it in the wallet. Next he takes out another deck of cards, this time a blue one, gets it shuffled by the spectators & after getting back the deck removes 5 cards from the deck & lays them in a row openly in front of the spectators. He then hands over a 'mystic' coin to one of the spectators & instructs him to place it on any one of the cards. The spectator is then instructed to freely state any small number, say in between 1 to 10 & count back & forth across the cards. He is also given the choice of where to start counting & even which direction to start. When the spectator finally lands on a card determined by the number he just stated, the card at that point is noted. The performer then takes out from the envelope the card which the spectator selected himself at the very start of the effect & both the cards i.e. the one in the envelope & the one which was determined by the spectator's called out number are found to be the exact match. The red backed cards are all spread face up now & are all found to be mysteriously blank!

Is it a real miracle?

Download now & find out.

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