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P-Vanish by Kohei Oi video DOWNLOAD

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by Murphys
A new method to vanish a coin using only ONE finger. practical, visual, easy to perform, and end up CLEAN. Can be performed in surrounded situations.

Even possible to let the spectator look from the side in certain dim lighted places.

No gimmick. No Invisible thread. Pure sleight of hand.

Not only to vanish the coin but you can reproduce it easily.

This is a utility move for every coin magician. Enhance your coin routine.

"Thanks Kohei and his project P-vanish for making sleeve magic into a higher level. I love when he handling the coin: magical, natural, and clean."
- Jeffrey Wang

"Today, when so many different methods have been announced, the discovery of a new method means that the point of view is excellent. In fact, the great thing about this technique is that it pays attention not only to its visually, but also to its operational stability. "Stability" which was a conventional problem. The improvement alone shows how good this new method, P-Vanish, is."
- Mott-sun

What you can learn:
  • P-Vanish
  • 2 Different angles to perform P-Vanish
  • Tips to make the vanish more clean and deceptive
Variations using P-Vanish:
  • Coin color change
  • Coin across
  • P-Vanish retention (one finger retention idea)
Bonus routine:
  • Three coin across using P-Vanish