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Siri C.T.W DIGITAL EDITION by Kevin Cunliffe Mixed Media DOWNLOAD

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by Murphys

The performer begins by explaining how clever you must be in order to be a magician. However with modern technology nearly everyone now has what's known as a smart phone. With this said the performer then offers a demonstration as to how modern technology is now also just as impressive by using the voice recognition software Siri.

The performer removes his phone and activates Siri which can be heard to the full audience. Siri then gives instructions on an amazing card effect to which a spectator selects a card from a deck of cards that they mixed themselves and replaced the card back into the deck and mixed it once again. All without the performer knowing the card. Siri then names the card and instructs that the card is no longer in the deck but has been in the performer's wallet throughout. The performer then removes his wallet and the card is indeed found within his wallet.

Pack includes:
  • Several specially designed & professionally mastered audio tracks
  • THREE specially designed videos (MP4, as seen in the demo performance)
  • PDF file with full script and handling
  • No special wallet required
  • Any deck can be used, cards can be borrowed
  • The selected card can also be signed and still found within the wallet and also be kept at the end of the performance.
  • Carefully designed to suit every performer and also all types of handset, including iOS and also Android
BONUS SIRI 2.0 included, which allows for any freely chosen or named card to be signed, lost into the pack yet can still be found and seen in your ordinary un-gimmicked wallet, and also kept as a souvenir after the routine. In the most fairest of manner.