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The Paradigm Shift Ebook: Volume Two Ebook - Instant Download

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The Paradigm Shift Volume Two features more innovative sleight-of-hand techniques and routines that will baffle the most discriminating of audiences.

(Note: Most of the routines in Volume Two are geared to the intermediate-level magician, but a few require perfect faro shuffles and various forms of the pass.)

You’ll find new applications of Homer Liwag’s False Faro Shuffle and some extraordinary routines utilizing the faro shuffle, including Harry Riser’s Forgotten Sunken Prediction. There is new information on memorized deck work accompanied by several stack-independent routines (including the complete work on The Guatemalan Miracle, which had previously been sold as a separate effect). For Aronson stack users, End Game provides a stunning climax to any memorized deck set, and it is almost sleight free.

There is deep discussion of Aaron Fisher’s wonderful Gravity Half Pass and an explanation of The Paradigm Shift, a pass utilizing a previously unexplored technique. The book concludes with six of Michael’s favorite recent creations, including The IKEA Card Trick, The Trick that Fooled Houdini and His Whole Fricking Family, and You Bet Your Life (a trick with a plot you’ve never seen before – and it’s easy).

Included are ideas and routines from Mick Ayres, Roy Walton, Norman Beck, Michael Weber, Jason England, Joshua Jay, and Ton Onosaka.

As with our previous ebooks, we have used text, photos, and video to provide an optimal learning experience. 

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