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The Pothole Trick - PDF Download

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The Effect: The magician shows a business card on which is drawn a crude map of the street on which he lives. He then asks a spectator to describe the layout of his own street and sketches a map according to the spectator’s directions. A hole is punched in front of the magician’s house. This represents a pothole. The pothole is then moved to another location on the business card and is then completely taken off the first business card and is put in front of the spectator’s house on the second business card.

The Pothole Trick has been a part of my professional repertoire since 1988. It has an evocative, memorable, and logical plot, and it is one of few effects in magic in which the handling exactly matches what the trick would look like if you had the power of a real magician. Most important, it leaves the spectator with your business card in an impossible condition. It is a reputation-making routine.

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