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The Road to Riffsville - Ebook Download

18 reviews
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Skill Level: Intermediate

The Road to Riffsville contains my current thinking on what I dubbed “Jazzing,” that is, improvising with a memorized deck. I originally wrote about this in Workers 5, way back in 1996. With the passage of time and the accumulation of new information and techniques, I have come to the conclusion that there are better ways to accomplish our goals and better ways to explain exactly what the “improvisation” process is. 

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  • A Note to Newcomers
  • Introduction
  • Part One – The Problems
  • Part Two – False Shuffle/Cut/Glimpse Possibilities
  • Part Three – Estimation Techniques
  • Part Four – The Riffing Session
  • Part Five – Possible Revelations
  • Part Six – What You Need in Your Toolbox
  • Part Seven – True Improvisation with a Memdeck
  • Afterword

We’ve used 28,000 words, a hundred photographs, and nineteen videos to present this exciting, new information to you in way that is second only to personal instruction. 

If you are a memdeck neophyte, this ebook is not for you – although you will certainly be inspired by the miracles that are possible using a memorized stack. The material is geared toward the intermediate performer who has some experience working with a memdeck. The material is stack independent. 

I have shared this material with a few close friends; they are enthusiastic about it. I am convinced The Road to Riffsville will change the way you think about memdeck magic.

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A Customer
Dale M.
United States

The Road to Riffsville

Another amazingly well written Michael Close publication. Buy it now.

Dean L.
United States United States

The Road to Riffsville

Excellent! A technical problem caused on my end was taken care or promptly and professionally. The book is amazing and went far beyond my expectations.


Thanks, Dean. I am glad we were able to help you and that you enjoyed The Road to Riffsville. All the best. Michael -

Raphael V.
Belgium Belgium

'Riffing' through the book!

Lots of great advice on how to handle a memorized deck. Mem Deck College starts here!


Thanks, Raphael. I believe the ideas and strategies presented in The Road to Riffsville will change the way memdeck workers approach "improvisation" with a memdeck. Michael -

Matthew H.
Canada Canada


I discovered this ebook by messaging Micahel asking for advice on how to avoid the all around square up and glimpse. This had some excellent solutions for this which would have been worth the price of this ebook alone. However, this was jammed with 10x more valuable information that has helped me on my memorized deck work journey. I also recently discovered there is a Facebook group dedicated to people who purchased this ebook where you can ask Mike questions. All very unique! This has been one of my worthwhile magic purchases in the past 10 years. Highly recommend.


Thanks, Matthew. I'm happy you found the material to be valuable. Michael -

Michael V.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Road to Riffsville : Outstanding

I was very intrigued by this publication. Having read Michael’s thoughts on Memdeck work in Workers 5, I figured this would be an excellent study which it was. I must be honest and say using my Memdeck in this fashion is not my style at all. I see my Memdeck as a tool like any advanced sleight of hand technique. Using the Memdeck in this fashion once is fine, more than that and it could easily become a demonstration of the method - lay people are not ******. In spite of this, The Road to Riffsville is an excellent and honest appraisal from Michael Close. It take a lot of courage to revisit ones past thinking and beliefs and admit that the thinking at the time was limiting. We can only do our best in proportion you our level of awareness. I think Michael has shown great awareness in re-evaluating his thinking. What he has given us is a brand new observation which he didn’t have when Workers 5 was published. The information in Workers 5 is simply stunning for the time it was written. That same information has become even better now that The Road to Riffsville is here. The landscape of Memdeck Magic has become even broader with this publication. I found the information outstanding. New techniques and applications has given us a more natural way of doing things. Michael inspired me to learn a Memdeck after seeing him work so I fully appreciate the impact of this tool. Like I said, Riffing in this manner is not my style, I make use of this amazing principle and techniques in a way that better fits my style of working. This book has expanded my thoughts into new areas of creative expression. I highly recommend this Ebook.