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The Vault - BREAKING POINT by Johannes Mengel video DOWNLOAD

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by Murphys
Perform BELIEVABLE magic and create true ASTONISHMENT anywhere at any time!

"I laughed out-loud during the trailer, and the smile never left my face. Now I just need to convince you to teach me the secret... I hope there's a secret."
- Maxwell Murphy, co-founder of PenguinMagic

THE EFFECT: Breaking Point is an effect which allows you to dislocate your finger and then bend it in impossible ways. The routine consists of 3 parts:

1. Dislocating the finger - making it pop out of the socket
2. Bending the finger (multiple versions)
3. Popping the finger back in place

"This is a great effect! The cracking of the finger is pure eye and ear candy."
- Joe Rindfleisch, the creator of Fracture

The effect has been tested for several years and never fails to amaze people. Usually people don't believe in magic, but sometimes with this effect when I've told my spectators that it's NOT real... they don't believe me! This is an effect your spectators WILL remember and gives you the reputation of being able to do more than just magic tricks.

"Hahahah, I love it!!! So good!"
- Adam Wilber, creator of Decibel, Pyro

No gimmicks
Doesn't need flexible fingers
Finger is fully examinable :)

"Johannes's Breaking Point is an effective routine based on interesting techniques - I really like it!"
- Will Houstoun, magic historian, creator of Freak