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Palming Volume One - Bottom Palm/Gambler's Cop Ebook

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Palming Volume One – Bottom Palm and Gambler’s Cop

The Palming series is my attempt to rectify that problem as applied to a specific goal: secretly removing cards from the deck. The material is designed to progress logically, explaining both the how and the why of each sleight. This allows the student to learn with surety and confidence.

Palming Volume One – Bottom Palm and Gambler’s Cop has now been released in a format matching our other ebooks. The ebook covers palms by Erdnase, Marlo, Hofzinser, and Close. We provide you with both an EPUB file (for easy reading on a tablet) and a PDF file (for desktops and great for printing). The combination of text, photos, and videos provides a level of instruction second only to private lessons.

The literature of magic is full of texts that explain how to do sleights with cards, coins, and other objects. But very few books explain how to learn to do these sleights, emphasizing the mechanical functions of the fingers; fewer still present these sleights in a manner that leads the student from basic to more difficult maneuvers.

This volume includes updated information and videos, and now matches the format of our newer ebooks. You will receive both a PDF file (perfect for desktops, laptops, and printing) and an EPUB file (perfect for iOS and Android tablets).

Only $19.95 

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